Sierra Verde Ranch. Spectacular, peaceful, the mild side of all four seasons. Pitch black nights with billions of stars, and air you don't have to chew.

Major elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, javalina, wild mustangs and burros. An occasional badger, bobcat and mountain lion. Three kinds of eagles;  American bald, Mexican black, and Golden eagles. Red tail hawks, dove, quail, wild turkey & turkey buzzards abound. An awesome environment in which to recharge your spirit. Most folks start with weekend get-a-ways, then start planning the Great Escape to the boondocks. My wife and I actually bought here in December 1996, had a 5 year plan, became driven with our alternative, couldn't take urban life anymore and actually moved here in March 1998.

Fifteen months from start to realization. WE JUST DID IT! Turned out to be the best and smartest move we ever made.

A broad mix. Open grass lands excellent for ranching. Rolling hills with a mix of grass and lightly scattered cedar & juniper trees (great horse property) and mountain parcels with thick trees, 30' Juniper to 50' pinion pine. From the Ranch you can see 5 mountain ranges from many places. The Juniper, Mohon, Aquarius, Cottonwood, & Hualapai mountains. Views of the often snow capped San Francisco Peaks can be seen from a hundred miles away. Nestled in the Juniper Mountain Range, the Ranch enjoys mostly mile high elevations from 5,000' to 6,400'.

Located on both sides of Interstate 40 dead in the middle between Flagstaff and Kingman. The Ranch starts just south of Seligman, goes 15 miles south down to the Prescott National Forrest, and 23 miles to the west, and 7 miles to the north of Interstate 40. Covering approximately 400+ square miles. The ranch is checker-boarded with State Trust Reserve Land, with a majority of parcels abutting 640 acre trust land. You can use the trust land for recreational use only with a $75. annual state permit for your family. Creates a nice tax free back yard. The Grand Canyon is an hour and a half away. (Just did the Colorado River Raft trip with my son-6 days-in the Grand Canyon-one class 6 rapids-incredible-we are doing it again next year) Phoenix and Las Vegas are 2 1/2 hours. Laughlin 1 1/2 hours, Costco shoppers head to Prescott, Sam's Club shoppers to Flagstaff. Nearby the little town of Seligman has all the basics, fuel, groceries, restaurants & motels & mechanics. 3 Regional Medical Centers, (Flagstaff, Prescott, & Kingman) are approximately an hour + away. With a MEDI-VAC emergency helicopter system available to our property owners. Depending on how the helicopters are dispatched and the circumstances it could be a free service or you could be charged.

Taxes are approximately 1 1/4% of our purchase price. When you build a home on your property the tax rate drops about 37%. You will have a higher assessed value. However this tax reduction is an incentive for owners to develop their property. In 2008 our property taxes were $1009.00.

Lots to do if you choose. Or get a hammock and concentrate on your relaxation skills. I have become a master of cloud identification and constellation recognition.

All properties are custom surveyed and recorded at Yavapai County recorders office in Prescott. In most cases all corners of your property are marked with engraved aluminum caps mounted on re-bar for permanent placement.

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