The Grand Canyon is an hour and a half away. Did the COLORADO RIVER RAFT trip with my son, 

6 days in the Grand Canyon, one class 6 rapids, incredible.

Truly one of the last Great Adventures in North America. we are going to do it again when the grand kids

are old enough !!!

Lots to do if you choose. Or get a Hammock and concentrate on your relaxation skills.

I have become a master of cloud identification and constellation recognition !!!

Phoenix and Las Vegas are 2 1/2 hours. Laughlin 1 1/2 hours.

Costco and Sam's Club shoppers head to Prescott or Flagstaff.

Home Depot & Walmart shoppers can go to Prescott, Flagstaff or Kingman.

Nearby the little town of Seligman has all the basics, fuel, groceries, restaurants, motels and mechanics.

3 Regional Medical Centers (Flagstaff, Prescott and Kingman) are approximately an hour + away.

Plus locally the North Country Health Care Clinic in Seligman. 

With a MEDI-VAC emergency Helicopter sysyem available to our property owners.

Depending on how the helicopters are dispatched and the circumstances,

it could be a free service or you could be charged.

The safest way to make sure it is covered is to add AIR AMBULANCE coverage to your

Health Care Insurance.

A modest premium would be added to your coverage.

Taxes are approximately 1 1/4 % of our purchase price. When you build a home or cabin on your property the tax rate drops about 37% +-. You will have a higher assessed value. However this tax reduction is an incentive for folks to develope their property. In 2018 our annual property taxes were $ 999.44. thats our home on 38.00 acres.

When we left Chicago in 1979 and moved to Arizona our annual property taxes in Chicago $ 3,600.

Thats for our Home on a 1/3 acre lot in the burbs. 

All properties are custom surveyed and recorded at Yavapai County Recorders Office in Prescott.

In most cases all corners are marked with aluminum caps mounted on re-bar for permanent placement.