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All properties have legal access along Yavapai County recorded easements. Roads are maintained annually and each property and owners pays a $ 3.30 per acre per year fee. So if you own a 40 acre parcel your annual dues would be 40 x 3.30 = $ 132. etc.

Due to increased fuel prices, we have had one increase in this fee since Sierra Verde opened in 1996. 

it was increased due to fuel prices used for the road maintenance equipment.

Dues went from $2.50 to $3.30. effective January 1, 2007.

Since the board members are all property owners they keep a tight reign on costs.


There are 5 basic CC&R'S. (Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions)

1. NO COMMERCIAL BUSINESS (Residential & Rural)



    (We are entitled to our junk, just build a solid fence around it so no one has to look at it)

4. ARIZONA HOUSE BILL 2483. Shooting on your private property is ok, as long as the nearest occupied
   structure is more than a quarter mile away. One of our restrictions is Noise. Shootin is loud.  
   Disturbs the Peace and Quiet. (depending on your neighbor could be a noise issue)
   Our zoning is RESIDENTIAL / RURAL. Attn; Hunters, when you get your license from Game and Fish 

    they will tell you which Unit in the State you can hunt in for the game in season.
   Example; If there are too many Elk in Flagstaff and you have an Elk tag,
   Game and Fish will send you to Flagstaff. Their concept is conservation.. 

    That said you may also get to hunt on the ranch.

5. Anything we build needs to meet the Yavapai County Building Codes.
   Pretty much Standard  UBC Building Codes.(The spirit of the codes is safety, good plumbing, electrical,              

    propane lines, septic etc.

    THATS IT. Permits are very reasonable.

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