Water is plentiful and available via owner installed private wells. Flow and quality are ample for domestic purposes.

If you have livestock or plan to irrigate an orchard you will need a well. 

Darlene and I have lived here for 21 + years on an excellent and affordable water delivery service that will deliver 2600 gallons to your tanks upon your request for as little as $140. depending on your location at Sierra Verde. You can buy a 2500 gallon water tank for approximately $ 999. + or - $50.

We get a 2600 gallon delivery about once every 6 weeks. We pay $140. that equals 5.3 cents per gallon.

We have 3-2300 gallon water storage tanks on a header so they fill & empty simultaneously. 
So when the system will hold a load we place our order. More water is better.
In our 21 years thus far "The WATERMEN" have delivered 531,545 gallons to us. A VERY RELIABLE SERVICE !!!

Plus there are 2 Community Wells provided by our Property Owners Association.
You will be able to haul your own water free of charge.

Being off grid, You bring your own generator to the P.O.A. The Jolly Road well requires a 5000 watt generator. The Anvil Rock Road well requires a 7500 watt generator.

The P.O.A.. will give you the key to the well that works with your generator.

Plus in town, Seligman, when you go in to get your mail at the Post Office nearby there is a water pumping station that will give you 40 gallons of water for a quarter. THATS 0.00625 CENTS PER GALLON !!! UNBELIEVABLE !!!   So 500 gallons = $3.25 A very reasonable water source.



Being an active and working cattle ranch there wasn't much use for electricity on most of Sierra Verde.
there are a couple of trunk lines to the main Ranch Headquarters. So very little available grid power.

Thank goodness we have not had a blackout or an electric bill for over 21 years !!! (YIPPEE)

We live quite comfortably on SOLAR with a back up 7000 watt Honda generator. Savings are HUGE !!!

We run 2 electric freezers, A Whirlpool 20.5 cu.ft electric refrigerator / freezer, microwave oven, the Whirlpool Duet washer & dryer,

Big Screen TV's, Computer, Monitor, Scanner, Printers, Copiers, Vacuum Cleaners, Satellite TV'S and the Internet off a Hughes satellite modem to my HP Laptop.

Everything is do-able, we simply get there differently than what most folks are used to.




We heat our home with a wood stove. We live in the woods. We have a gas(propane) 90,000 BTU forced air furnace. We installed it to satisfy our mortgage company. they wanted a conventional heat source. We have never used it !!!

I turn it on once a year, make sure it is in good working order, then shut it off, a great back up system. 

The wood stove is excellent, a great ambiance, keeps our home at 70-72 degrees all winter long, or warmer if we want it.

We burn about a chord and a half  to 2 chords of firewood per winter. The winters are mild. We are from Chicago. The Juniper  and Cedar sure smells good. The wood is free, except for your labor and the gas to run your chain saw. If you cut the "dead standing". 


If you don't want to cut your own you can buy a chord + from local folks who provide that service.

Typical chord of Juniper delivered and stacked at your home = $230. +-

We cook, heat our hot water, run 1 10 cu.ft. refrigerator and dry our clothes with Propane.

We have a 500 gallon Propane Tank which we rent for $99. per year. which provides complete gas service from the gas company.

We use about 350-400 gallons per year delivered to our tank.



​Cell phone. We live on Verizon Wireless. We have 4 bars of 4G service. From the 4g tower on the Ranch. Excellent. Alltel & U.S.West are also available.            

The PCS Networks, Sprint, Singular, Nextel, etc. are not here yet but plan to be. Still some gaps in their tower system.

Sometimes Nextel works here.