A broad mix. Open grass lands excellent for ranching. Rolling hills with a mix of grass and lightly scattered

Cedar and Juniper and Pinion Pine trees (great horse property).

​Plus Mountain Parcels with thick trees, 15' to 30' Juniper and 20' to 40' + Pinion Pine.

Plus Rugged, Rocky, Volcanic terrain if'n you are a Rock Hound. 

For View Freaks, like us, there are many excellent "Monster View" Parcels.

Difficult to adequately describe. You just gotta "hike" these Bad Boys with me...

Located on both sides of Interstate 40 dead in the middle between Flagstaff and Kingman.

The ranch starts just south of Seligman, goes 15 miles south to the Prescott National Forest,

and 23 miles to the west, and 7 miles north of the Interstate 40.

Covering approximately 400+ square miles. About twice the size of the city of Chicago !!!

The ranch is checker boarded with State Trust Reserve Land, with a majority of properties abutting 

640 acre sections of State Trust Land. This creates a nice tax free back yard !!!

You can use State Trust Land for recreational use only with a State Trust Land Permit.

Currently $20. Annually for a Family Permit. This Permit will give you access to over 9 million acres of State Trust Land anywhere in the State of Arizona. 

SO if you choose to go camping almost anywhere in the state there is State Trust Land, just keep your annual permit in your vehicle and you will be good to go.

Us Seniors can also buy a LIFETIME PASS to ALL our NATIONAL FORESTS anywhere in the USA by going in person to any  BLM office, present your picture ID and pay $10. WOW !