Major Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Javalina, wild Mustangs and Burros.

An occasional Badger, Bobcat and Mountain Lion.

Tree kinds of eagles; American bald, Mexican Black and Golden.

Redtail Hawks, Dove, Quail, wild Turkey and Turkey Buzzards abound !

An awesome environment in which to recharge your spirit.

Most folks start with weekend get-a-ways, then start planning the great escape to the boondocks!!!

The ranch is in the Juniper Mountain Range with views of the neighboring Mohon Mountains,

Cottonwood Mountains, Aquarius Mountains and Hualipai Mountains. A total of five mountain ranges for

you to view and appreciate. Plus 90 miles to the east are the often-snowclad San Francisco Peaks in

Flagstaff. A MAGNIFICENT VIEW !!!  Nearer are Kendrix Peak, Mount Williams, the Aubrey Cliffs and

Seligman Peak.  The GRAND CANYON is a little over 100 miles. 

One of our daily pleasures is to have our AM coffee on our front deck in the shade of our awning and

enjoy our view of the Mohon Moutains, 45 miles to the south west. In the winter they are snowcapped.


The absolute serenity of "40" acre living is a beneficial health factor in the quality of our lives.

Our ranch elevation is 5000' to 6400' this yields a very pleasant "mile-high" climate.

No burdensome heavy winters (we are from Chicago). You will enjoy four distinct seasons,

yet all are activity-encouraging mild !!!